Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Photographer, journalist, reporter and french environmentalist. President of the GoodPlanet foundation created on 2005, Yann starts his career in 2005 by photographing and studying the behaviour of the Masaï Mara lions in Kenya,  Back to France, he publishes his first book and founds the ALTITUDE AGENCY.  In 1994, he starts a profound analysis of the planet, sponsored by UNESCO.  As part of this research, he draws up a photographic inventory of the planet’s most breathtaking landscapes, views taken from helicopters and air balloons.  His book, The Earth from the air, sold over 4 million copies and was translated into 24 languages.  Following this success, he releases his first movie Home, produced by Luc Besson and seen by 600 million people around the world.  Considered both as an environmentalist and a photographer, he is nominated in 2009 as Ambassador of goodwill in the United Nations’ environmental programm.  In 2015, he releases the movie Human premiered at the United Nations and at the Mostra of Venice. Human, at the crossroads between Home and the exhibition 7 billion others, is a collection of interviews from people of 45 different countries with different economic and social backgrounds, all combined with stunning aerial views.