What are the opening hours of JAM CAPSULE? 
JAM CAPSULE is open Tuesday to Sunday from noon to midnight. Last entrance is one hour before site closes. 

When to arrive?
We recommend you to arrive 30 minutes ahead of your screening 

Do I need to book a ticket for my child, if he is younger than 7 years old? 

What are your reduced rates?
We apply different reduced rates : for job seekers, young from 7 to 25 years old and seniors. 

What is the rate for people with reduced mobility?
Entrance is free for people with reduced mobility and an accompanying person. However, reservation still is required, you can contact our team by phone on 01 42 64 49 40. Proof will be requested at entrance. 

Do you have group rates?
We apply group rates from 10 people onwards. Please contact our ticket office by email at collectivites@talticket.com or phone at 01 42 64 49 40 

Can I buy ticket on site?
Tickets are available on site at the counter, subject to availability.However, we recommend that you book your ticket in advance. 

I have a press card. Can I have free entrance? 
Yes, press card holders benefit can enter JAM CAPSULE for free upon presentation of a valid press card (1 ticket).

I have an ICOM card. Can I access JAM CAPSULE for free?
No we don’t accept ICOM card. 

Can I change my ticket of get a refund?
Tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable. However, they are not nominative, so you can transfer your ticket to a third party. 

I won’t be able to come to the time slot I booked. Can I come before or after? 
No, if you come to a time slot different than the one written on your tickets, you will not be granted access. 


Is it compulsory to wear a mask inside the capsule? 
In accordance with health rules in force, wearing a mask is compulsory. 

How can I visualize social distancing inside the capsule? 
A projection on the ground at the beginning of the program will allow you to visually understand the distance to respect within the capsule.

Will there be hydroalcoholic gel for visitors? 
Yes, hydroalcoholic gel will be made available.


Is JAM CAPSULE accessible to people with reduced mobility? 
JAM CAPSULE is fully accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Is it a permanent exhibition?
No, it is a temporary event, open for a limited period. 

Can I come with a stroller? 
No, strollers are prohibited for security reasons. 

Do you have cloakroom of site?
There is no cloakroom on site.  Besides, large bags and suitcases are not allowed on site.

Are pets allowed? 
No, pets are not allowed on site. 

Can I present my ticket on my smartphone? 
Yes, you can present your ticket on your phone. 

What happens if we are late? 
If you are late, we cannot guarantee you access to JAM CAPSULE

How long is a capsule?
Average duration of the cultural and immersive experience is 45 minutes.  

Are there seats?
The experience is a cultural and immersive journey to be lived standing. 

Is there a minimum age to access JAM CAPSULE?
No minimum is required. However, we draw your attention on the fact that the sound and visual immersion can be much more intense for children under 5 years old. Every child must be accompanied with an adult inside. 

Are there toilets on site? 
Yes, toilets are available for visitors. 

Can I privatize JAM CAPSULE?
Yes, you can privatize JAM CAPSULE. Please reach contact@thejamproject.com for that type of request. 

Is it allowed to take pictures and videos inside JAM CAPSULE?
Yes, you can take pictures and videos without flash for private use only. 

Can I bring food and beverages on site? 
It is strictly forbidden to bring food and beverages at JAM CAPSULE