Iterations is a short capsule referring to street art and projected with 3E Scène.  Iterations can be seen every Tuesday at 1pm, Thursday at 3 pm and Saturday at 5 pm.

Iteration : Method for solving an equation by successive approximations

Iterations is a several stages kaleidoscopic experience. It is the result of the collaboration between Lek & Sowat and artists Elliott Causse, Raphael Guez, Hector de Lacroix and Yeuz, reunited under the production company Nano Ville Film. 

Thought as an evolutionary installation, Iterations will bring together different works by artists, reworked in a dynamic 3D environment that will change as they discover and refine their knowledge of the new technologies available to them. 

The capsule thus became a field of possibilities, a territory for graphic, sound and sensory expression in perpetual change, in which the public is invited to wander and why not get lost. 2D images, mural scraps, glitched pop ups, computer mandalas, artificial intelligence and self-generated world will be ingredients used by the artists to link the manual and gesture world of graffiti and the one more mathematical and fractal of digital.