AI, the early life of art

AI, the early life of arts,  is a short capsule projected with 3e Scène second daily screening. AI can be seen every Wednesday at 2pm, Friday at 4pm and Sunday at 6pm. 

In this immersive experience, Obvious tells its own story : from a common desire of three childhood friends to put together a project, late-night philosophical discussions on their couch, to their smashing entry into the art world.

Mixing tradition and new technologies, Obvious addresses current debates, questioning  the growing place that artificial intelligence is taking in our processes and in our interactions, even in the most creative industries. By describing a new unique and atypical creative process, this capsule questions the relationship between an artist and his tool and the very nature of art. A journey into the beginnings of a unique adventure, and into the inner workings of artificial intelligence algorithms that are asked to be creative.